Crave Technology
Modular Configurations

Restaurants, ghost kitchens, and grocers are adopting new tools to become more vertical in the delivery space. Crave has developed the platform to drive that adoption at the enterprise level within the space.

Multi Brand ManagementRestaurant POSMobile AppKiosk Web AppMarketing EngagementOperational Web AppsDriver LogisticsData Analytics and Intelligence

Multi Brand Management

Portal management tools to operate a multi-brand location.

  • Consumer Order Management
  • Delivery Bundling Algorithm
  • Brand Level Configuration
  • Item Customization
  • Cook Time Settings
  • Promo Code Management
  • Analytics and Intelligence

Restaurant Point of Sale

Complete POS replacement solution  supporting all server and cashier hosted ordering.

  • Cloud-Based
  • Custom Hardware
  • Menu Management
  • Analytics & Reporting
  • QR & Table Top
  • Open API - Rapid Integrations

Kiosk Ordering App

Self service touch screens allowing consumers to mix & match menu items from multiple brands.

  • On-Premise Guest Ordering
  • Mix & Match Menu Items
  • Integrated Payments
  • Real-Time Order Tracking
  • 22” + Portrait Monitor

Mobile App

Mobile app allowing consumers to mix & match menu items from multiple brands.

  • Custom Menu Presentation
  • Sorting and Filters
  • Delivery or Customer Pickup
  • Instant or Future Ordering
  • Integrated Payment Processing
  • Real-Time Order Tracking

Marketing Engagement

Creating brand awareness is crucial for growth, and the available tools, help solve the gap.

Proven marketing strategies, systems, and flows are available to our partners, via easy to use interfaces to manage funnels for various segment groups: Account Signup, First Purchases and Repeat Purchases.

Account Signup

  • Paid
  • Organic
  • Earned

First Purchase

  • Organic
  • Push & SMS
  • Email

Repeat Purchase

  • Paid
  • Push & SMS
  • Email

Operational Apps

FOH and  BOH applications that facilitate and automate the entire order management workflows.

  • Kitchen Order Displays
  • Main Expo Area
  • Packaging Quality Assessment
  • Driver Dispatch
  • Customer Pickup

Driver Logistics & Mobile App

Machine learning based logistics, order bundling and driver management.

  • Rule-Based Order Bundling
  • Vehicle Tracking & Order Assignment
  • Driver Management & Communication
  • GPS Navigation
  • Delivery Assistance
  • Driver Status Notifications

Analytics & BI

Real-time data streams
from 12 sources into a data warehouse. Leveraging Microsoft Power BI, to create templated analytical reporting.

  • Partition Per Licensee
  • Detailed Sales Analysis
  • Segment Group Analysis
  • Trends & Purchase Rate
  • Kitchen Performance
  • Labor & Cost Tracking
  • Delivery & Driver Performance


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